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Stay Covered Tail Pad: Five Piece

Stay Covered Tail Pad: Five Piece

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  • 5 Piece " \ / " Cut
  • Unidirectional Nose - Tail Diamond Groove Pattern
  • 25mm 45/90 Contoured Tail Kick
  • 7mm Low Oval Arch
  • 11.5" Wide x 14" Long
  • 6" Wide at Tail

Our 5-Piece pad uses a Unidirectional "diamond" groove pattern designed to create hold when pressure is applied through turns. Our diamond groove pattern is designed with less resistance when moving your foot forward and increased resistance when moving your foot back. 

Along with this is a transitional tail kick that starts at a 45-degree angle then transitions to a vertical 90-degree angle halfway up the kick, creating maximum hold through turns.  The 5-piece tail kick is also contoured side to side in the shape of an arch vs the traditional straight line.  The corners of the tail are beveled to minimize water resistance off the tail of the board.


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