3 Essential Items Every Surfer Needs

3 Essential Items Every Surfer Needs

As a surfer I’ve learned to be a lot more frugal with my spending. However, these are 3 essential items every surfer needs.

1. Key Lock


Every time I drove to a surf spot I was paranoid about where to hide my keys. I would often tuck them under my bumper or in a hide-a-key above my tire. That’s probably the first place I’d look if I wanted to steal your car. A key lock has been by far the best investment I’ve made as a surfer. I’d pay any price for peace of mind, knowing that my car is safe. The key lock that I use is the FCS key lock. I haven’t had any issues with it, it’s very durable and It’s big enough for my keychain.

2. Board bag

When the waves are smaller during the summer months I typically take out my 9’ longboard. Since now I live 20 minutes from the beach and my longboard won’t fit in my car I have to strap it to the roof. A board bag has helped me store my board in my garage during the winter months and it has enough padding to cushion my travels to the beach. An essential item if you’re a surf commuter like myself. Board bags have a good amount of padding so you can securely tie it down with ratchets without creating any pressure dings. The board bag I’ve been using is stay covered it has a ton of padding and a bunch of different sizes.
3. Booties

During the winter months that Pacific water is brutally cold. If you’re a surfer that gets cold easily I’d highly recommend picking up some booties. They will keep your feet warm, and you’ll be able to stay out longer before you start developing claws on your extremities. If you’re surfing in a sketchy place with a ton of rocks or sea life underneath you, booties give you that little extra protection and peace of mind on your feet. However, you do lose a little bit of feeling underneath you riding a wave. Imagine it’s like wearing hiking boots while skateboarding, well maybe not that bad. I’ve tried booties without any velcro straps and I’d almost for certain recommend high ankle booties with straps unless you want to lose a booty on a wave. I’ve tried a couple different brands of booties and these are my top pick.

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